Red Pixel

version 1.0


Red Pixel is a platform, deathmatch game. You run around platform levels, picking up guns and ammo, shooting the other player. It comes with some cool lighting effects to set the atmosphere, one layer parallax scrolling (wow!) and some nice stolen sound effects.

Nice things people have said.

Screen shots

[ screen shot 1 ] [ screen shot 2 ]
[ screen shot 3 ] [ screen shot 4 ]

(You will probably need to switch to a lower screen resolution and/or turn up your monitor brightness to see them properly, especially on a white background)




More information can be found in the manual, which is also available in the downloads.


See the download page.

And maybe also the Red Pixel SourceForge project page .

Extra maps and demos - Two maps sent to me by David 'Drakker' Pelletier

If you create any new maps or record cool demos, please send them over so I can put them up here (and later into the main distribution when I make a new release).


Can you add Internet / more players support?

Sorry, no. The code was not designed for client-server style interaction, so adding 3 or 4 player support over Ethernet or Internet would mean ripping up massive chunks of code, which I have no time to do.

Remember that the code is available so you are free to try this if you feel the urge. If you are successful, I would like to hear about it!


Peter Sundling was building a Linux port . His work has now been merged and expanded upon.

This page is hosted by SourceForge. Thanks very much to them.

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