Red Pixel 1.0:

Source code: - source code and data files (1.5M)

redpixel-1.0.tar.gz - source code and data (1.4M) files.

To compile, you need to have Allegro installed. You also need gcc, djgpp or mingw32 installed. Then simply unpack and type make, and optionally make install.

If you have gcc 3.x, you will need to apply the following patch before making redpixel-1.0-gcc3.diff.

This source code patch by Achraf cherti adds MIDI file support. redpixel-midi.diff

Linux users: to make an RPM using RPM 4.0, you can type rpm -ta redpixel-1.0.tar.gz (as root). This will create an RPM somewhere in /usr/src/.

Windows and DOS:

redinst.exe - Red Pixel 1.0 installer (1.6M)

alleg402.exe - Allegro 4.0.2 DLL installer for Windows (236k)


redpixel-1.0-1mdk80.i586.rpm - Mandrake 8.0 RPM (1.3M)

redpixel-1.0.tgz - Slackware 8.0 package (1.3M)

Both packages require Allegro 4.0.x installed.

If you are not using one of the above distributions, you can compile from the source code, or you can try the Slackware package (it is a simple tarball). The Mandrake 8.0 RPM may work on other RPM-based distributions, too.

If you want to contribute packages for other distributions, please email me.

Allegro 4.0:

Allegro is a game programming library used by Red Pixel.

Windows DLL for end users:

alleg402.exe - 236k

Source code and Linux packages:

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