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Starting the server

A Red Pixel 2 game setup consists of a single server and two or more clients connected to it. The server hosts the game and handles most of the simulation work. Clients connect to the server to interact with the simulation.

To start a game, a server must be started first. In this manual we will assume the machine running the server will also run a client (although it is possible to run a dedicated server if you so wish).

In the main menu, select Multiplayer then Client-Server. After entering a nickname for yourself select Ok and you will be placed into the lobby. At this stage you will probably want to wait for clients to join your match (although clients can join at any time).

(If you wish to run two or more different Red Pixel 2 games on the same LAN, you will need to select a different IP port before pressing Ok. I will assume then that you know what you are doing.)

Peter Wang 2003-01-09